William Laziza - Master Videographer - Artist - Engineer

Founding Artist of Micro Museum®, Video/Media Artist and Technical Director for Promote Art Works, Inc. William is an active collaborator with dozens of musicians, dancers, visual artists and fellow video artists since 1975. He was a pioneer force in public access television when he received significant funding from the Texas Commission for the Arts and Humanities to document innovative artists.  This is how he meet choreographer Kathleen Laziza. With her, has traveled the world, created many videodances and other work that can be seen on the Micro Museum website

His artistic leadership at Micro Museum is reflected in the interactive media installations and kinetic sculptures that are the the museum’s signature works, all addressing human communication into the 21st Century.  On the Films page of this site, one can view three of his favorite works, more are available at the Micro Museum website.  

While at Micro Museum, look on the PERFORMANCE ART pages for his most current art work. William Laziza’s 472 Collection - Time based events are offered by William Laziza to distribute 472 photographic images of his videoart work CAMERA FANCY. Each interactive event is a Phenomenalism.  Stay tuned to find out what that is! 

In his professional career, as an Executive Engineer, he first built many terrestrial and satellite microwave stations, after that he moved on to television automation and production and has built and rebuilt a number of Television facilities and distance learning environments. 

William is currently retired from being the Senior Engineer at City University of New York Television and is now able to devote more time to his ideas and art.