Video Jewelry Players

Players loaded with Files

Each Player is a V180 MP4 player which is pre-loaded with many Video Jewels and VideoArt.  The player can hold 8 GB and can be used for photos, audio and AMV video files.  It can also be used for file storage.  It comes with a USB cable and a velcro strap that can be used as wristband or choker. 
Two colors are available Silver and Purple. Each player has a serial number and is signed by William Laziza. 
These devices are not  available anywhere else over the internet. The store has a limited edition stock of these items left.

Video Jewelry Files 

58 Files available $2 each

Each of these Video Jewels is a 640 x 480 MPEG4 file that is approximately 1 minute in duration at 30 fps and less than 14MB. These files are commercial free. There is no audio. The small size allows for many to be placed on a single device. All 58 of them are included with other Video Art pieces in the Video Jewelry Device above.  They can be played back frame by frame, in slow motion or at normal speed, or they can be ripped down to individual images and used as a slideshow.  
There are many ways to display these images as they can be played back by numerous devices like watches, cel phones, tablets, laptops, computers, TVs etc.



Videoart Accessories 

Scarves, Pocket Squares, and Neckties

 William has selected a number of images to be printed onto Neckties and Scarves.

The Scarves can also be used as pocket swuares and are 16" x 16".  They made from light grade Polychiffon 

The Ties are 3-1/4" by 55" and are printed on both sides