Here is the Story Behind the Phenomenalism Folio

There are three sections to the Phenomenalism Folio Story
1. Chvad and the beginings of this work on the page below with his original press release following.

2 My Thoughts about  the title, where it comes from, a look into some of the sources, and what I made up about what the video and the folio mean to me 

3 Folio View and Registration page. Here you can see all of the 462 images and register your print if you like. 

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My Friend Chvad Bernhard created an Automated Synthesizer Album entitled "Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20”.  You can find out more about Chvad and "Hector" his synthesizer in the press release below.   I created a Multi Video Loop, Audio Responsive, Live Interactive Video Installation, entitled “Camera Fancy” at Micro Museum for one of the exhibits. “Camera Fancy” consisted of 6 large TVs, Microphone, Audio Synthesizers, Cameras and a Plasma Sphere wired upstairs to a conference table full of more TVs, switchers, cameras an oscilloscope and and my videoscope.  In 2014 Chvad and I collaborated on a Video Art Work.  I made a visual track for his Album. The video was released with original CD in 2016.  The CDs are no longer available but you can see the video on the link below!

Find out more about Chvad, and maybe purchase a Button for $8 to download "Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20”  album and VideoArt by clicking on the link below! 

In the CD liner Chvad used a screenshot from the video.  I found the image haunting and inspirational as a new way to appreciate VideoArt.  When I got the streaming link I was so excited by seeing the video look so good on line on line that I had to capture screenshots.   "The Phenomenalism Folio" was cretaed from 462 Screenshots taken from that VideoArt work during the first viewing.   I have been giving out signed, numbered original prints form those screen shots since 2016.  Some of those first scrreenshot images are on the slideshow above and all 462 of them are on the View and Registration Page

If you would like to know more about how this work was created and how this all came to be, click here for some of my thoughts.

William Laziza