William Laziza has been playing with television since the early 1950s and producing Video Art with any equipment he could get his hands on since the 1970s.  Since that time he has been able to create a few video pieces that can be seen easily over the internet below.  One of the fun things about VideoArt is synchronicity - feel free to play these pieces back with your own will see how much fun it is to see synchronicity in action!  Also, in full screen these pieces can be stepped one second at a pulse of the right arrow key.   Check out William's latest VideoArt Showcase

More videos are available and at Micro Museum's You Tube Site and at Micro Museum's Vimeo Showcase.

The Crystal Box


Joy to the World

The Crystal Box shows Multi Faceted Reflections of Dance, Video Art with Music from The Ghosts of the Canal.

By Kathleen and William Laziza. 
28 Minutes

In 2001, William was selected to be a Cyberartist by DCTV.  In this role he created numerous virtual sets for the dancers in the Laziza Electrique Dance Company.  Kathleen choreographed the dancers and the main event which was presented live at DCTV

In Mixology Kathleen Laziza dances immersed in videokinesis imagery and flowers.

By Kathleen and William Laziza. 
8 Minutes

In 2011 William and Kathleen created a live projection environment at Micro Museum.  The video used for the performance consisted of William's Videokinesis work coupled with photos of nature and live video reflections that were animated by Kathleen's dancing.

Joy To The World was created over 25 years ago.  It celebrates the beauty of live Audio interactive Video Art. Synthesized Audio waveforms are combined with graphic art to create an endlessly changing tapestry of light, harmony, and rhythm.

By William Laziza 
16 Minutes

In 1995 William bought a Video Toaster and editing system which he combined with his multiple cameras, oscilloscope and the Videoscope that he invented in 1976 to create this work.