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Video Jewelry is an Open Systems concept and it is here for you to see and imagine now!


New Years 2024

This year I have decided to ring in the New Year with a Showcase concert of The Lumiano and Chromaphone, two of my sculptures that are currently featured at Micro Museum.  These videos show some different views of the Chromaphone and the Lumiano. They are meant to be played together with the sounds from the Lumiano complimenting the Chromaphone. Use two separate windows or devices and play a different video on each screen. Adjust the volume to suit. The showcase of these recordings can be found HERE! https://vimeo.com/showcase/chrome

Unfortunately, this New Year is bringing us another round of Covid, as a result, to make something fun out of the dreary look of my mask. I have found a new use for my Scarves, as Mask Covers!  The Scarves can be found on the VJ Accessories Page. HERE.

AI Update! 

Because of the new power of compute and AI avatars now being proposed as our new identity, I have decided that the 3D video Jewelry Concept can now be brought into the virtual world of digital twins.  For too long the Video Jewelry video was locked up in the digital world trying to escape by jumping out to reality through tiny players which were adorned with real jewelry and used to enhance one's presence.  Now the same concept can be brought to Virtual Reality. 
Once one has their Avatar setup in VR, it is time to start thinking about accessories. Attach any geometry to any model in any location. Playout any file through any facet of any geometry. These are all possibilities which are endlessly imagined. 

Here are the instructions on how to make Video Jewelry for your Avatar. The video pane of the video jewelry needs to have a holder so it can become a virtual thing that can be attached.  The video is only the content of the jewel and it can be crafted to be shaped in various ways. The video can be broken up into separate facets on each of the jewels, which fit in the holders and can be given characteristics of transparency and reflection.  The holders themselves can be virtually 3D printed to mount the jewels and these 3D substances can be given further qualities of transparency and reflection. This new development of the Virtual Video Jewel can now be virtually linked to the video file so that it plays out through all of the multiple facets with their transparency and reflections which are mounted on a holder which too has its virtual characteristics.  This process has created a new Virtual Object.

Here's an example: The Golden crown is made with 3D graphics that has a number of jewels all around of different shapes and colors. Each of the jewels have multiple facets playing a separate video loops of different images textures and characteristics on the facets.  This Virtual Video Jewel would be then rendered into the VR space so that it could be attached and animated to move along with your Avatar.  Depending on occasion or ones mood, different videos can be played out through the jewels.

One of the beauties of the jewelry render is that it is ballistically stable. It does not blob around as flesh needs to be.  It moves in unison with the wearer under the artificial gravity of the AI world in which it is interacting. Rigid Jewelry like crowns or rings or medallians are relatively easy to attach and they conform to the underlying shape and move with it.  However flexible jewelry like earrings and necklaces would be much more difficult to attach to the Avatar especially because we have now entered the territory of AI being need to to compute Virtual Weight and Flexibility as well as the concept of virtual air resistance and down which makes everything so much more complicated.

For now, I'm going to leave you in this imaginary world and go back to creating new videos for our video jewels, for the latest work, be sure to check out.

                                  ---> https://microtechmuseum.com    and      https://www.micromuseum.com/


                                                                                                                                                                     William Laziza 20231212

2023 Back To Reality! This year marks the 10th anniversary of my Video Jewelry Devices.

In the beginning, video jewels were virtual.  The idea was to sell them on Micro Museum's e-commerce website. They were tiny files.  There were lots of issues with that early e-commerce site and the video jewels had to be one minute and compressed to fit in the download limits. These first video Jewels were used to create the images on this website.  Later devices came along that could be used as video players

In 2013 I started experimenting with different types of players and I loaded them with different selections of Video Art. By December I posted a Video Jewelry Demo on You Tube showing a sample of one of the Video Jewels. 

By September of 2016 I had worked with a few devices and developed the players.  I was fortunate enough to have Edissa as a model of the various designs. Check out the original videos at William Laziza's VideoArt and Jewelry with Edisa Weeks
                                                                   ---> https://microtechmuseum.com/video-jewelry

As the world is turning to virtual reality I want to give everyone a new opportunity to Get Back To Reality! Wear your own Video Jewelry.  Use your phone or tablet or other device as an ornament.  There are lots of ways it could be worn to make you look better and more attractive.  For help getting started, check out Edissa' chic above.  You can use videos from The Micro Tech Museum website or find something else you like on line.  The Micro Tech Museum is a new website I have developed to organize and easily show my video art works in one place ad free.
                                                                   ---> https://microtechmuseum.com/

2022 Virtual Video Jewelry!  The concept has developed further to include virtual video jewelry.  In this new imagination of the possibilities of video jewelry, imagine that your avatar needs to have BLING! 

Now these video jewels can be looped and played back onto virtual surfaces that are incorporated into different types of Jewelry for your avatar.  Here are some possible examples, the faces of finely cut gems each host a videojewel element, one jewel mapped - stretched, reflected or cropped as needed - across the facet whether it be triangle, square, pent, sex, sept, oct, etc. face on each cut gemstone, each having multiple facets, which is then mounted into - 3D rings, broaches, necklaces, pendants, earrings, belt buckles, shoe buckles, bracelets, bras, watch faces, eyeglass lenses and hatpins that can be worn on your avatar.  The beauty of the Jewels comes from its light within, which, within virtual space could have the ability to change from subtle color nuance to brilliant flash to projected video mapped onto all adjacent 3D virtual objects -  The beauty of the Jewelry is that it is able to reflect the environment with a silver or golden or shiny colored finish.  With the avatar having external interfaces for its personal object beyond the dimensional connectivity between virtual form and videojewel object , but actually has complete skin interface, the videos could be used for such interesting avatar adornments as electronic clothing patches and tattoos or even complete skin mapping of various body parts or objects of clothing including hats, shoes and gloves.  The ability to map video directly onto 3D objects will certainly be a big part of the future of Video Jewelry and wearable art. This update inspired by the life of  of Charlotte Moorman, American Cellist and is dedicated to her memory. 



About Video Jewelry.  William Laziza has invented the concept of Video Jewels and is developing this website to promote Video Jewelry and Video Jewels in all of their manifestations and possibilities.  The items for sale below provide some examples of typical items.

Video Jewelry are fashion accessories designed to provide adornment and eye catching accents to an individual's overall look by displaying Video Jewels.  Video Jewelry can be worn on the body or on outfits as buckles, pins or buttons.  Imagine your look if it were easily possible to have colorful changing images on all kinds of Jewelry. 

Video Jewelry are made from electronic devices that play back and display Video Jewels.  Video Jewels are video files that are all different and vary by design, graphic, image, color scheme, speed, duration and more…the possibilities are endless. The Video Jewelry loops or sequences the Video Jewels to playout their ever-changing beauty.  

While wearing Video Jewelry that displays Video Jewels is a new fashion trend that has not happened yet, a limited edition of both and more is available now. 

Because the Video Jewelry Concept is an Open System, you can take advantage of it yourself by using your own device and playing back or downloading videos from this website.  You can even find other sources of VideoArt and load those on your device and wear that as a Video Jewelry.  The beauty of the Open System is that everyone is free to do and experiment without the need to pay for the content or the device.  I am going to be on the lookout as to how this will develop with or without me in the coming months and years.

Over 50 Video Jewels.  Each of these Video Jewels is an MPEG4 file that is approximately 1 minute in duration and less than 14MB. These files are commercial free. There is no audio. The small size allows for many to be placed on a single device. 
You are welcome to click on the Video Jewels above to see three of them.  You can also get a free Video Jewel by signing up for the newsletter.  The download will be changed routinely so check back soon to get another  one.  If you buy one, you can download it to your own device and get started with this new concept right away.  Once downloaded, you can modify it - speed it up or slow it down, change the colors, size, etc. and use it as you please….. 

Video Jewelry.  The Video Jewelry device for sale is a serialized limited edition signed original artwork that consists of an 8GB V180 video player with all 58 of the Video Jewels preloaded.  The device also includes a number of other video art works and other Video Jewels not shown here.  It comes with a charging cable and a Velcro Band. 

Video Art Accessories.  These Video Art accessories are made from some of the Video Jewels in anticipation of the time when we will be able to offer wearable players that can be loaded with Video Jewels.  The products available for sale at this time are Neckties and Small Scarves that are made from my VideoArt designs.

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